Buying lingerie for your sex doll – a simple guide

Lingerie is not just for its wearer. It has a way of introducing a certain trill in lovemaking, you want to look at it but you also can’t wait to take it off. Different types of lingerie arouse various types of emotions and atmospheres. For the fun and playful, thongs and push up bras are a go to item. With all the lace designs and sheer fabrics, finding the right lingerie for your se doll might be a challenging task. First off, you should pick the lingerie that not only complements your sex doll’s features but also arouses you in different situations. When you come home and you want to feel supported, those long flowy sheers or silks might do the trick. Maybe you want to be teased a little before getting down and dirty, how about some lace fronts that are great to look at but even better to take off. Either way, you can create different moods and atmospheres with the choice of lingerie. 

For those days you’re feeling extra kinky, how about some crotchless lace panties with a strapless bra. You may want to go through some sex doll guides to help you decide on what lingerie you want for her. Since your doll doesn’t go anywhere, she doesn’t need many sets of lingerie. However, that’s no excuse to limit your doll. If you’re into cosplay, you could get themed lingerie of your favorite characters. Nothing is off limits with her. The only condition you get with your doll is choosing the right fit. Ensure to take her size to consideration, you don’t want to get an item that’s too tight in one place or saggy in others. Wrong fits go against the sexy tones lingerie is meant to bring, which is the whole point. Again, try going through the sex doll guide for help, it may save you a whole lot.