Inflatable vs Silicon or TPE dolls

There is an endless debate the best sex dolls between the Silicon and TPE dolls. For most people, high end inflatable dolls are better than TPE dolls.  The main reason for this is that silicon dolls might be a bit heavy during sexual intercourse. Inflatable dolls are made of a light plastic material which is very soft. The material can be either vinyl or latex. Both materials are long term and do not have any harmful chemicals.  Do to their light material and soft structure, they are very easy to move around and play with during sexual intercourse. Silicon dolls on the other hand are pretty heavy and will weigh you down during sex. They weigh pretty much like a human and you will need a lot of work getting them into different positions.

 You will not be able to make some moves due to the weight of the doll.  The issue with inflatable dolls is that if you subject it to any sharp objects, you will break the seal and won’t be able to inflate or use it any more. Inflatable dolls are very cheap when compared to the counterparts. Silicon and TPE dolls cost almost ten times as much as the inflatable doll. This is a lot to spend on for a sex toy. For customisation, you may even have to pay for 20 times as much as the inflatable doll.  If you are looking to have fun at a cheaper cost, then the blow up doll is the one.  The final thing about the inflatable doll that will captivate you is its ability to inflate and deflate. I know it’s obvious from the name but you have to think about it. For other dolls, you will have to find a bigger space which you can use to store your doll. You only need to deflate your inflatable doll and find room in your closet.