New and fun sex ideas

Maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with your partner takes more than just love. Sex is also crucial; unfortunately, it can turn out to be boring especially if you repeatedly do the same things. To spice things up, you will need to communicate with your partner to be conversant with each other’s preferences. In the process, you will be surprised to find out that you have fantasies that you never knew existed. In this century, sex has evolved; there are so many kinky and fun sex ideas that you can try out. Oral sex on your man, for example, doesn’t have to focus on his penis only. You can use your tongue and hands on his anus and balls too. While at it blindfold him and let him anticipate your next move.

You can also decide to go the kinky way and try out BDSM. Interchange with your partner between the dominant and the submissive roles. You may find using floggers, clothing pegs, light spanking, biting or pouring candle wax on each other enticing. However, do not to take this too far to the point of causing injury to your partner. Try having sex in new places. You don’t need to go overboard for this one. For starters, you can do it all over your house if you can, do not be afraid to bring all your sex toys, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Sex at the gym, car, and washroom is also fun. Outdoors sex whether at the swimming pool, beach or during a hike. Since having sex in public is illegal, the thought of the possibility of being caught will give you a sexy adrenaline rush. You can visit Meilleur site porno to watch sex videos and borrow more ideas that you can try out.